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Reduce the radiation dose by over 90% and enhances image quality at the same time

Allowing X-rays to be imaged rather than just projected

Our patented technology opens up new detection capabilities and new clinical applications


LensFree develops a novel acquisition technology, for ionizing radiation based medical imaging systems, that allows reduced radiation dose per exam and improves image quality. This new acquisition system, based on time and spatial multiplexing, changes the working principle of current technology and functions as a lens without the need to use a real lens.

01 / Low Radiation

LensFree is using a new combination of HW and SW to allow ionized radiation to be imaged instead of the current projection methods to achieve high radiation efficiency and new imaging capabilities.

The unique architecture of the acquisition system allows collecting more radiation from the patient.

02 / Improved Image

Emulation of a lens can improve the image quality and allows using new algorithms from the visible illumination field. The imaging process and the advantage algorithms allow improving the image quality parameters such as the signal to noise ratio (SNR) the contract ration (CNR) and the image resolution. 

03 / 3D Images

The spatial multiplexing add more information layers and more data in each layer, allows the algorithms to reconstruct a real 3D image from a single view.



Doron Avraham, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Avraham is an experienced system engineer that already successfully led several technological products toward mass production. Doron led the mobile devices products at Inuitive. Prior to that, he has held senior R&D positions at Orbotech (NASDAQ – ORBK). Doron holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Physics and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Bar-Ilan University.

Prof. Zeev Zalevsky, Phd

Co-founder & CTO

Professor Zalevsky is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully co-founded and led several startup companies. Zeev has published many hundreds of scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and registered more than 50 patents. For his work, Zeev received several national and international prizes. Zeev is a fellow of many leading scientific societies such as OSA, SPIE, EOS, IET, IOP and NANOSMAT.


Tel: +972-76-8899800

Fax: +972-76-8899801

Zarhin St 13, Ra'anana

PO box 2219, 4366241, Israel

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